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I'm thinking of building an extension / loft conversion...What do I need to do ?

Whenever your thinking of undertaking work to the home, there are many things you need to consider and the whole process, especially when it involves planning permission can be off putting. Many projects simply never get off the ground because customers find the whole process too confusing. Initially give us a call for a brief chat on your requirements and we will advise you the best way forward.


Why should I choose Sure Build ?

Here at Sure Build, we are here to help from conception to build. We can guide you through the whole process and advise on the best route forward depending on what project you are considering. We do not charge anything for an initial consultation.


What is it going to cost....... ?

Many builders will require plans and drawings in order to quote for a project, only for then to find out its not cost effective. Here at Sure Build we are able to provide an estimate after the initial visit which give you an idea of the total cost of a project before committing to any financial expense.


Who does the architect plans and structural calculations ?

Here at Sure Build our team are able to produce all the required drawings and structural calculations to building regulation standards for any project your considering.


Do I need planning permission ?

Not all development needs planning permission, you are allowed to do certain alternations / additions under Permitted Development so no formal planning application is required. We can advise you whether your project does or doesn't need planning approval or as in many cases we can work with you on the design within the Permitted Development rules so no formal application is required. If the project does need planning permission, we can handle the whole process for you


Does my project need Building Control approval ?

If any project includes creating any habitable space then its likely to require Building Control approval. We can handle the whole process for you and liaise with Building Control directly.


I already have planning approval and drawings ready done by somebody else, I just want a quote ?

Great, just give us a call and we'd be happy to quote.


I want an extension/loft conversion but I'm not exactly sure what I want ?

During our initial visit we can go through and discuss what options you have. All builds are different and we can guide you through on site which approach will work best to give the best overall design considering whatever restrictions you have to work with.


Do Sure Build under undertake small building jobs ?

Yes, Whether its a loose roof slate or a bathroom refit through to a complete new build, we'd be happy to help.


When do I pay you, I'm not happy paying a lot of money upfront ?

Understandably. With all our jobs, whether large or small we agree before hand a schedule of work with staged payments throughout the build so once set milestones have been completed, payments are released.


How long will it take ?

Every job we undertake is different. At the start of each job when the staged payment plan is put together we will give you an estimated completion date. In most cases we are done before this date except in situations where unknown elements occur during the build that hadn't been factored in at the start.


How do I know Sure Build are a good builder and the standard of work is good ?

With all our new customers you are given the opportunity of viewing previous works completed for other customers. You can also talk to them directly for their views on the work they have had done. Soon on our web site there is also going to be a feature using feedback via face book which is un-edited so customers can leave their comments there for review.


Are all the pictures shown on your web site work you have done ?

Yes, the images we show are jobs we have done for other customers. Please appreciate we are builders, not photographers so some of the image quality might not be 100%


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